The Last Day of Summer

Henry & Julie
are pleased to announce
the marriage of their daughter
to her best friend
Wyatt Joseph
son of Harold & Lois
on the Last Day of Summer
Friday, September 21st 2005
In the Salt Lake Temple
Of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

Wyatt and I were married on the Last Day of Summer in September, 2001. We were married by Elder Richard G. Scott (not of the quorum of the twelve) in sealing room B in the Salt Lake Temple.

A few of the details I remember about that perfect day:

Wyatt was late getting to the temple. We were supposed to meet there at 11:30, but he didn’t arrive until closer to noon. I had a brief panic attack while waiting for him. I could just imagine him ditching me!! But he didn’t. He actually stopped to talk to a homeless man outside the temple.

wedding VI

My brother Danny was late to the temple, so everything got held up for a bit. Wyatt and I had to wait in the celestial room before they took us in. I remember I could hardly breath in my dress (wedding dresses are made to be beautiful, but not neccessarily comfortable!) if I tried to sit down. Ha ha ha ha!

I never thought I would want to have a wedding. I always imagined an elopement, or at the very least, a private small ceremony, with little or no celebration afterward, would be more my style. But then an old friend said something to me years ago that made me rethink my position. He said something to the effect of “Weddings aren’t about the bride and groom, much as they like to think they should be. Weddings are for everyone who’s cared about the bride and groom, who’s helped in some way to raise them. It’s closure, a final farewell. An opportunity for those people to see how you turned out, and celebrate in the success of their years of work: your happiness.”

wedding I

After that I decided I would have a wedding, to say thank you to everyone who loved me. And it was wonderful to have everyone I love come celebrate my happiness with me. That was the best thing about my wedding; the massive amounts of love in the air!

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