Gaurd Dogs

Today Oliva, Cowboy, Scout, and I went and worked in our garden. I shoveled gravel to make ready for the dirt. Olivia made music with the octopus on her toy, and Cowboy and Scout sniffed the ground in case there was something interesting to be found.

I had one moment when I needed to take a wheelbarrow full of gravel around the corner. Not wanting to leave Olivia unattended for even the slightest moment, I had Cowboy and Scout “gaurd” her. They sat in front of her and looked imposing to anyone who might pass by. They were very precise in their duties and didn’t even move while I was gone. Good Doggies. And of course, Olivia loves it when the doggies get so close to her. She flaps her arms in excitement. So it was a win-win situation. Here are some pictures!

Olivia2006April106 Olivia2006April104 Olivia2006April108

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