Walnut Paper In the Driveway

artprojectsMy dear friend Emily Elmer came over yesterday. She left her stuff at my house last week, and said she would be back, but I didn’t know when. She came yesterday. She’s going to spend a whole week here and then we’re going to road trip to her house in Washington state.

One of my favorite things about ee is that she is an art projecter. She and I have so much fun making things when ever we’re together. Last night it was walnut paper.

She has walnut crystals that you dissolve in water to make ink. You then can paint with it, and add salt and vinegar to create all sorts of interesting effects. We made big sheets of walnut paper because we’re going to use them in the coming weeks to make books.


Emily has now been here almost ten days. We’ve had a lot of fun since then, and done a lot of projects. We’ve dyed paper, made books, one day we even cooked chicken tikka masala & naan (Indian food). Here are some pictures from the week!

Emily laying paper out to dry after we dyed it.
Wyatt running after he hit at the baseball game on Thursday night.
Olivia wearing Emily’s antanae
The doggies at the park
Emily making Naan on the BBQ
We made Chicken Tikka Masala

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