A Week In Washington

So, after ten days at my house, my dear friend, Emily & I road tripped to her home in Spokane, Washington. With Olivia in tow, we made the 12 hour drive over two days, spending the night in Missoula, Montana.

We stopped in Dell, Montana; population: 35!

Olivia was amazing, she only cried maybe a grand total of twenty minutes in the entire 12 hours of driving! She was an absolute angel.

Emily’s parents live on a farm, where Paula (Emily’s mom) grows walnuts (trees) and pumpkins. Their land is absolutely beautiful, and the perfect place to relax for a week.

The Elmer's Farm


We didn’t do much . . . which was so relaxing! I took a nap every day, which felt so luxurious! One day we went to the Hittorite community, and another day we went looking for (and never found) the Amish community (come to find out — they moved! How do you move when your Amish?). We also visited a local grower that Paula knows.

Olivia in her baby sunglasses

One night Emily’s sister, Katie, showed me how to marble paper. It was surprisingly easy, and Katie (who has lots of experience) created some really beautiful paper. Emily did too. Me–not so much! All in all it was great to spend some time with Emily

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