Splish Splish Splash

Today Olivia and I were invited by our cousins, Anna & Jameson, to kick off the summer by going to the local pool. We went to the one by Jameson’s house in Lehi. It was so much fun! At first Olivia was intrigued by all the noise and chaos and watched the goings-on with real intent. We rode the lazy river around, & Olivia & I braved the slide, where we both got splashed & wet. Then we got out for a bit. After a nice lunch of smooshed bananas, and Jameson taking a short nap, we got back in to the lazy river. This time Olivia seemed to have the hang of this “pool” thing, and took it upon herself to SPLASH everyone around her with great enthusiasm.

Jameson & Anna

We spent the afternoon in and out of the water. The Lehi pool was very baby friendly, with several baby areas only a few inches deep. Olivia sure did have a lot of fun. Thanks to Jameson & Anna for inviting us along.


Playing in one of
the swings in the baby area.

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