Home Improvement

Wyatt and I have been hard at work on our house the past month. While I was in Washington, Wyatt put a new roof on the house. He had a job in college roofing houses for his brother-in-law’s company. They lent us the equipment, and Wyatt and several friends and family members busted it out while I was gone (thank goodness I was gone!).

We had an old tar & gravel roof that Wyatt had to tear off before he could put down the new roof. But it looks much better! And best of all, it won’t hail gravel onto my lawn everytime it rains!

Then when I got home I went to work on the yard. I weed-eated the entire back to get ready for seeding. Wyatt’s brother, Jacob came and helped us put crown molding up in the living room, family room, and upstairs bath. Then Wyatt and I decided to finish the basement family room once & for all (Wyatt & Jared framed & sheetrocked it last fall). We painted the room a light cream color. We finished putting trim on, and blinds in the windows. We caulked, sealed & painted the crown & trim. Writing it down it doesn’t seem like much, but it took about 3 days.

Next we’re tackling the downstairs bathroom! But I think we’re going to take a break for a few days first. 😀

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Before After
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