In Town For The Weekend

Wyatt’s family came to town for the weekend. Jena & Lance drove out from Missouri, Wynn & Heidi flew in from Arizona, & Wade drove down from Idaho. The only one’s missing were Jacob & Melinda! On Friday we didn’t do much. We just hung out at Lois’s during the day, and that night Lois babysat all the grand kids while we went to dinner & a movie.

Saturday was free fishing day (no license required), so we decided to get up early and go fishing up AF canyon. Wyatt, Lance, Olivia & I were the only ones that went. The creek was pretty high still from runoff, so there weren’t many fish to be had. But it was beautiful (and I only go to take pictures anyway!)2006June0074

In the afternoon we all went to the pool. All the different toys there were a real hit with the kids. Susannah even braved the big water slide by herself a couple times (once she even had to be fished out by a lifeguard!). It was fun to play with all the nieces & nephews.

On Sunday we had dinner at Jared & Velda’s house. Lois even managed to get everyone to pose for a family picture. Unfortunately my camera was dead, so we only got one shot! But it turned out fine.2006June0079

It was great to have everyone in town, and a lot of fun!

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