She Looked Like Herself

I remember my first thought when they put Olivia on my tummy after I delivered her at the hospital. I thought: “Oh, she looks like herself.”

I was quite startled by this fact. Before this moment all babies looked alike it seemed to me. But Olivia didn’t look like the other babies. She looked like . . . well, she looked like herself.

2006May0042About a month after we found out we were expecting, Wyatt and I had to give our “welcome to the ward” talks in sacrament meeting. I introduced us, and told the ward we were having a baby in October. Now mind you, this was in April. I think I was only like 10 or 11 weeks along. Wyatt then got up, and in made his additional comments to our introduction, stating that “apparently we’re having a girl” because I (Andrea) “just knew it.”

I had declared long before we had even considered starting our family that our first would be a girl. A declaration I stuck to throughout the pregnancy. Wyatt often teased me about this, asking how I knew. But it wasn’t a how. It just was. I don’t remember ever not knowing. I always felt a very strong connection, even as a young girl I remember knowing this. I just did.

And it was a girl. A baby girl Olivia, and she looked like herself.

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