Baby Mine

2006August0192Olivia is growing up sooooo fast. Every day it’s something new. This week she’s learned to tense her shoulders (so it looks like a shrug) and get red in the face when she’s mad. Last week she learned that Daddy has hair that can be pulled just like Mommy’s (something that caused her five minutes of giggles). She’s been pulling herself up on furniture and walking around it for well over a month now, and last week she took her technical first step (she didn’t mean to do it, but what she was reaching for (mommy) moved when she went to go from couch to legs). Even though I don’t think she’ll be trying any more steps for a while, I have seen her let go of the furniture with both hands and balance a time or two.

Tonight Olivia & I had some Mommy-Daughter pictures taken. Some of them are really cute. I haven’t edited all of them, so there will probably be more posted in the days to come. But in the mean time, visit the scrapbook & click on “Summer 2006” to see more pictures of Baby O & me.

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