101 Things to Do With An Alligator

  1. Wrestle
  2. eat stew
  3. listen to Rock & Roll music
  4. floss
  5. watch “Crocodile Dundee”
  6. go sun bathing
  7. ride it
  8. show it off to my friends
  9. put it in the bath tub
  10. eat fried chicken
  11. let it go in the sewers of New York
  12. watch “An Affair to Remember”
  13. make a handbag
  14. make boots
  15. go on plane rides
  16. go parachuting
  17. eat panny-cakes together
  18. take piccolo lessons
  19. go to the planetarium
  20. rub lotion on it
  21. take it to the orthodontist
  22. go to the cosmetic counter at Maceys
  23. get a pedicure
  24. do mud masks
  25. build a tree house
  26. ride gondolas in Venice
  27. take it golfing
  28. eat granola bars
  29. dance in the gazebo in the park
  30. go shopping at the Gap
  31. sleep out on the trampoline
  32. make rope swing
  33. go fishing
  34. eat ice cream
  35. go rollerbladingaligatorarticle
  36. get a perm
  37. read poetry
  38. blow bubbles
  39. take out an insurance policy
  40. listen to records using the teeth as the needle.
  41. go slip’n’sliding on the Crocodile Mile
  42. clip your fingernails
  43. play soccer
  44. go intimidate all the Elementary School bullies
  45. catch bugs for a bug collection
  46. eat Italian
  47. make salsa (from Leslee)
  48. have a hot-dog eating contest (from Hairy Carrie)

This is all I can think of so far. If you can think of anything, email me! Maybe I’ll add it to my list!

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