Wyatt and I have been working really hard the past few weeks to get everything ready before baby Cal gets here. We worked on his nursery and bought all the new supplies we need. We then turned our sights to other projects that needed to be done around the house. We’ve been trying to get the inside of the house as put together as possible before the little guy arrives, and we’re stopped by nap and feeding times!

We painted the front door and replaced the hardware.
We painted the railing post.
We set up Calvin's room.
Other smaller projects we've done: ripped the interior doors so they fit replaced the light in Cal's room put on all plates & switches on outlets put on all handles on kitchen drawers rearranged furniture in front room so it fits!

When I was expecting Olivia I had that “nesting” instinct really bad–I drove Wyatt a little nuts as I cleaned out random cupboards, bought new bedding, and generally was a nazi about keeping the house nice. This time around I think it’s Wyatt that has the nesting instinct. He’s really kicked it into overdrive, wanting EVERY PROJECT to be done before Cal gets here. But I guess I can’t complain. It’s nice to be getting all these things done!

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