And Introducing Calvin


On Monday afternoon Calvin Wyatt Christensen came into our lives. We were induced at the hospital, and after only six hours of labor, Calvin made his debut. He is DARLING. He looks just like his big sister, Olivia. He’s got a head of dark hair like his daddy–even mimiking his hair line, thin on top, but thicker on the sides!

He’s a sweet little thing. After he was born he stayed awake for a good two hours or so, looking around, taking everything in. He really screamed when the nurses cleaned him up and did his tests. He was born with some real lung power! Of course Olivia was ecstatic when she met him, yelling at the top of her lungs BABY! and smothering him with kisses. She seemed to know right away that he was her baby, and Wyatt said that night she told him “Baby out!” She’s done really well with him, and hasn’t seemed to mind when I can’t hold her and baby at the same time.

So everything went very smoothly, and we’re happy that he’s here. Its funny how you wait and wait and wait for this . . . and then suddenly there are four.

Check out pictures by going to the scrapbook and clicking on the new “Calvin” section.

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