Time Ticks On

The summer seemed to go so slow . . . until July 30th. Now it’s already over half way through August, and we only have a few more weeks of summer!

DSC05270I wasn’t going out much with baby Cal, and O was getting bored. So daddy decided to remedy that by taking her to Jungle Jym’s with a few friends from the neighborhood. As per the report from Wyatt, she loved some rides, screamed in terror on others, and overall had a great time. She loved the merry-go-round so much that she refused to get off in between turns, just staying on and switching animals. Apparently the people at J.J’s didn’t have a problem with this. She also went mini golfing, and was SO PROUD OF HERSELF when she got a hole in one by picking up and placing the ball in the hole with her hands. She led the onlooking crowd in a session of jumping up and down and clapping and laughing at her cleverness.

DSC05315We went to the Salt Lake Library on Tuesday afternoon. They have a really cool children’s section, with caves and clubhouses for the kids to play in, a waterfall that falls from the upper level outside onto a private kids patio, giant animals made of paper mache, and of course about every children’s book you can think of. Besides the great children’s section, we also went onto the roof, where you can overlook the entire Salt Lake valley. If you’ve never been to the downtown library before, I HIGHLY suggest you check it out. They also have awesome adult spaces in the rest of the library.

DSC05303Cal had his two week check up. Apparently he’s doing really well–he’s gained weight and is up to 8 lbs 14 oz. To me that sounds HUGE, but the doctor said he’s actually right at the 50% level in both height and weight (he has a big head though 😀 ) He’s been such a good baby.

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