Pictures, Pictures, Everywhere!

This week we have been in celebration of Wyatt’s youngest brother’s pending wedding. He was married yesterday (Saturday, August 25th) in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Since he (Wade) and his bride (Katie) spent the summer working in Seattle, and she is from West Virginia, but the wedding took place in Utah, there have been a lot of last minute details to attend to when she & Wade and her family all finally congregated here last week.

One of those details (and my assignment) was the photography. I took Katie’s bridals on Tuesday evening. She wanted them taken at the Garden Park Ward in Salt Lake, where I took Melinda’s. But when we got there, come to find out the whole place was under construction, and all of the landscaping had been torn out! Since we were running out of light, we had to think fast, and sped down to Memory Grove to do the shoot. We had about 45 minutes of good light left, and were able to get some good pics.

Since the whole Christensen clan came to town for the event, I also took it upon myself to set up a portrait session with a professional photographer at the Timpanogos Amphitheater. We did a giant family portrait, and then each individual family was able to get their pictures taken as well. We had to do it on Saturday morning (the day of the wedding) which was a little hectic. But it was the only time when everyone would be here (the last of the family flew in at midnight Saturday morning). We will get those pictures next week, and I’ll post them asap.

Yesterday I also did the photography at the wedding. I’ve actually shot several weddings–probably close to a dozen. But every time it makes me nervous! It’s such a big day, and such a big responsibility to capture it! But I think we got some good shots, so I’m pretty happy overall.

I really like Katie, and am excited to get to know her better. I knew she would fit in fine with the Christensen’s when after we had just met her, Wyatt started teasing her. And she responded to him with confidence . . . “I can take you, I can take two of you!” She’ll be able to hold her own with this ruckus, and irreverent bunch.

Congratulations Katie & Wade!

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