Calvin's Firsts

IMG_3787¬†As we approach Cal’s first birthday, it’s only natural that he experience some “firsts.” Like a couple weeks ago in Yellowstone, he had his first “falling out of the tub.” The tub in Yellowstone was much smaller than ours at home, and he swung his leg over to climb out (he’s a climber, much MUCH different than his sister). Next thing he knew he landed on his head on the linoleum. Don’t worry, it was only about 10 inches. Where was I? I was there, but it happened so fast. He’s a speedy.

And last Sunday at about 3:00 am Cal had his first milk bottle. We ran out of formula on Saturday evening, and I decided rather than buying more, we would wean him (overnight) to milk. It’s been a week, and I think the coldness still surprises him, but other than that he seems to be doing fine.

And first steps . . . I’ve been uncertain as to what were “first steps.” When we got back from Yellowstone I decided to start working with him on his walking. I’ve let go of his a few times, and he’s taken a hurried two or three steps before either grabbing something or popping on his bum. But he definately doesn’t like it, and as soon as he’s on to what I’m doing, he just gives his legs out and won’t stand up. So I’m not sure if I should count that as first steps. Thing is, he’s SO good at walking around the furniture. He’s so strong. He’ll walk along the walls, bend down to pick something up (holding on with one hand), or pull himself up. All he wants to do is walk. He just wont. Yet. But we’ll keep working with him.

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