Happy Birthday Calvin!

Today was my darling baby boy’s first birthday. Calvin Wyatt Christensen was born one year ago today. I can’t believe it’s been a whole year, and yet it seems like he’s always been here. He is a smiley, curious, adventurous kid who loves his sister and loves to laugh.

To celebrate his big day we did some shopping, and then had a party of ice cream and cake over at the park. Calvin got his first pair of shoes (well, he got a pair of sandals a few weeks ago, but they hardly count), a cute little outfit, a couple books, and a big walker/rider toy. I was very careful to explain to Olivia that these were his gifts, and they weren’t for her, but that he would be happy to share them. (She usually thinks things are the other way around, and has thus adopted most of his toys as hers, having a hard time letting him play with them).

Happy Birthday Cal! We’re so glad you’re here with us!

DSC08653 Calvin and his gifts. Happy Birthday Calvin!

DSC08659 Blowing out the candle of his first birthday cake.
Actually, he just put his hand in the cake. Someone else took care of the candle.

DSC08675 Eating his first piece of birthday cake.
I should have stripped him first, but oh well.

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