Out of the Mouth of Babes


Conversation with Olivia a few days ago:

Me: Olivia! Stop being so cute.

Olivia, contemplative: Well, I could be a boy.

Me, confused: A boy?

Olivia, convincingly: Yeah, daddy’s a boy, and he’s not so cute.

Two nights ago, past bed time:

Olivia, from her bedroom: Mommy! We begot to say prayers.

I’ll admit, I just ignored her. Bad Mommy!

Overheard from my room,

Olivia: Calvin, do you want me to teach you how to say prayers?

Calvin: La!

Olivia leads Calvin in prayer, thanking Heavenly Father for each member of the family, toys and dollies included.

At the conclusion of Calvin’s prayer, Olivia then says her own, climbs into bed, and I never hear another word from her.

Tonight, while decorating the Christmas tree:

Olivia, talking to herself: I just don’t know. Santa only brings presents for girls who are nice to their brothers. I have no hope!

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