Haul Out the Holly

This weekend was a busy, crazy, holiday weekend. Thomas and Beth came and stayed with us (my brother and sister) as well as Jared, Wade, Wynn and Wynn’s brother-in-law, Jacob (Wyatt’s family). Even though we had a lot of guests, we weren’t very good hosts, as we were super busy.

Rather than bore you with the details, here is the general gist:

Ward Party, Temple Wedding, Olivia’s Dance Recital, Wedding Reception, Family Party (missed the last one).

The weekend was really about this couple.


Courtney was beautiful, and their wedding was wonderful. I always enjoy weddings because I like to hear the advice given by the sealer and be reminded of the importance of keeping a marriage strong.


Seeing Jeff in a tuxedo was almost as exciting as everything else combined. Looking sharp!!

Olivia had her dance recital. She was beautiful and wonderful, and I loved it.


And Calvin looked like a stud the whole day, in his nonchalant-take-it-for-granted sort of way.


I don’t think we have any more parties or social obligations between now and Christmas. So hopefully we can relax and enjoy the holidays from here on out.

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