Stories of Wedlock

Saturday was the culminating celebration of many months preparation.

This girl and this boy were wedded.

The whole day I kept remembering when Leslee was just 18 years old – my family had just moved away from Salt Lake. Leslee and I were the only one’s left here. I lived downtown with my hubby as a newly wed. Leslee would come over three-four-five times a week to have dinner and hang out. I remember I would make Wyatt walk her to her car when it was late – we lived across the street from the homeless shelter. As I remembered that time, I felt a sort of emptiness: I should have done more, should have been more for her. She needed more, in ways I’ve only come to realize in the past few months, and I feel like I failed her.

And now she is starting a new life, with a new family. I am grateful Jason seems to want the best for her, and will support her and put her first in ways that the rest of us did not.

I love you Leslee. Congratulations, Happiness, Love.

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