Morning 5K


We had a ward activity, a 5K fun run.

Of course, I wasn’t going to run (I’m at that stage of life where running actually feels awkward – a sure sign that I’m old and out of shape.)

But biking and walking were an option.

IMG_8823Alea was in town visiting for the weekend, she came on our fun run with us.

All week long I told Olivia we would go on a big bike ride on Saturday morning. She was so excited. She LOVES to ride her bike.

Saturday morning woke up grey and cold and rainy. “Are you sure you want to go?”

“We don’t have to go.”

“It will probably be cold. We can just go to the church for breakfast.”

But Olivia would not be disuaded. (Perhaps if I wasn’t so easily discouraged, running wouldn’t be awkward!)

And so we lined up at the start line. Olivia waved in frantic excitement to her friend, Jaxon. The walk/bike/run began. We were off (dead last – but going none the less).

IMG_8837The gang walking to the church for breakfast afterwards. Jeff, Wynn, Weston, Everett, Carrie, Alea, Wyatt, Alexa, Calvin and Olivia

We walked up and down streets in the neighborhood.

It was cold.

It was rainy.

But Olivia persevered . . .

until block three, at which point she informed me she was “done.”

IMG_8843Wyatt and Jaxon with their participation medals.

We rode home and waited for our fingers to unfreeze.

We heartily accepted our participation medals back at the church, and greedily at the breakfast of athletes.

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