Photography Up The Wah-Zoo {Where is the Wah-Zooh?}


I’ve been doing a lot of photography lately. Fun for me!

You can see some of the pictures on my photography website: Green Orchid Photo

But some you can’t. Because I’m not done processing them. Which reminds me . . .

Anyhoo, some of the pics I’ve done recently:

Leslee and Jason – wedding pictures at the Salt Lake Temple

Leslie & ??? (I can’t remember her hubby’s name!) – Maternity pictures at Red Butte Garden

Beth and Alex – engagement pictures on a rainy morning.

Jameson & Gregson – darling kiddo pics.

Torri & Kylie – fun prom pics

Megan & Ben – wedding pictures in Nauvoo Illinois

Not to mention my own personal photography  – pictures of my sweet kids and our daily adventures.

I even bought a new 8GB cf card.

I’m glad I have a camera.

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