Beneath an August Sky

IMG_1887Night Sky at a Barbeque in July

Adventures came in spades in the month of July. There were picnics and barbeques and parades and parties. People and places and things were happening! Each day was like a diaper – started out empty, full and squishing out the sides by the end.

How’s that mommy metaphor for ya?

I catalogued each day in my head for later blogging. But that’s the thing about adventure – if you’re having it, there’s not time to sit in front of the computer and take notes. :D

What’s a girl to do?

Plus, let’s just be honest here, I got a little mentally overwhelmed by it all – and confused. Now what day was which?

So . . . rather than catalog adventures of August (five days in, so many stories!) I am going to resist the urge. Instead, I will be doing a photo project:

One picture a day.

Oooh, there could be lovely photography.

Or not. It could be an out of focus, grainy shot of a dirty face.

Because I have PLENTY of those moments to capture.

We’ll see what happens.

The hard part (I can already tell) will be narrowing it down to just ONE picture. This means some adventures will never be documented. Some will be left in the card reader, to be forgotten as the years come.

And then years and years from now, the kids will look at the other pictures, and say: what were we doing here?

And I will say I don’t remember.

And they will scruch their faces and wonder why I didn’t just write it down.

The project will be called – Beneath an August Sky
sound poetic?

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