Year 9

Tonight we celebrated the completion of YEAR 9.

We first went to dinner at Little America. As we sat “looking over our menu” we reminisced about anniversaries past. “Can you even remember any of them?” Wyatt asked, “it doesn’t seem like we’ve done anything memorable.”

I then spouted off about each anniversary – what we did on the day, where we were living, what was going on in our lives, the gifts we exchanged. Wyatt pulled at his collar uncomfortably.

He said “I want to get you something special this year.” He explained it was our first year after “the five year plan.” The end of struggling and going without.

We then both laughed uproariously.

Instead we went to a movie.

So . . .


It almost deserves it’s own graphic sign.

We hunkered down. We watched the five year plan come to an end, and then watched as the economy, both macro and micro in our household, tightened. We raised our kids, we planted flowers, we built “the business,” and took on additional sources of revenue. We remodeled yet another house. We didn’t leave the state all year. We didn’t even hardly leave town other than a couple weekend trips to Manti. We discussed things of importance, and things that were nothing consequential. We cried occasionally. We laughed a lot. We did not hardly work on our own house projects, as per Christensen family goal 2010. We went to the rodeo, kept traditions alive. We taught Olivia to ride a bike, we took jumping pictures, we got Calvin keys, and then more keys. We watched as Everett grew before our eyes. We talked about our goals and dreams, and we content to live in the now.

Year 9 was a good one. Looking forward to year ten.

I’m thinking our back east road trip . . .

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