Fun For You {Fun for Me Too}

The internet community is full – CHALK FULL, I say! – of amazing creators of amazing things. Every once in a while I get lost on a tangent and find the most amazing people making the most awesome things – and sharing. Creative people on the world wide web, this is my THANK YOU to you.

snowflake sample2

Here is a little snowflake I created in AI – uh oh. Now you know what my Christmas cards are going to look like 😀

I’ve set it up as PSD file WITH a custom shape (snowflake) so you can scale it/change it’s color to what ever your little heart desires.

This could be cute for cards (if you don’t think so, don’t tell me – my christmas cards, remember?)

snowflake sample

or a template for cut outs

or background paper

or christmas ornaments

or gift tags

or anything else you creative people can think of.

If you do use it, would you please send me a pic of how/what you used it for so I can see. It would make me happy.

And now – for you:

Snowflake Card.PSD

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