The Proclaimation on the Family
Proc Week 2010

Two years ago I did “Proc Week” – the first week of November, where I discuss The Proclamation on the Family, and what it means to me.

Last year I did Proc Week again. But due to server crash, those articles are lost to filaments of the world wide web.

This year, I have debated on writing articles on this subject. It seems an angry point for so many Americans. How do I discuss my own feelings without offending the tender feelings of another? I don’t want to offend, hurt, or distance myself from others.

And haven’t I already said what I have to say in years past? Even if some of those posts are gone?

The answer lies in the goal of this blog – which is often cloudy in my mind, but is truly and simply to preserve a history of my family for my children and future generations. In that sense, it doesn’t matter if other readers like what I have to say or not. It is my children that I must teach, encourage, and reassure. They need to know how I feel, and where I stand on issues that are thorny, and difficult in our society. And these posts are meant only for them. Of course you are welcome to share in the discussion.

First, I invite you to read the Proclamation on the Family.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss my thoughts on this canonized document.

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