Happy Birthday To Me

Photo courtesy of Rick Smith


It was my birthday – and while the official party line is that having a birthday over Thanksgiving weekend sucks, this one was pretty sweet.

Wyatt threw me a surprise party. Some of my favorite peeps came.

It was fun to chew the fat, eat yummy costco sheet cake, and try to avoid getting walloped by the wrestling match going on between the Engh boys and anyone brave enough to jump in . . .

Awesome birthday.

What did I get?

An underwater point and shoot camera – it’s been on my list for a couple years, so I was pretty excited. And it couldn’t have come at a better time, as we were about to depart into the wilderness for a sojourn to the promised land – aka, DISNEYLAND . . . but more to come on that later 😉

Thank you everyone for your happy birthday wishes – it was.

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2 comments on “Happy Birthday To Me

Happy Birthday!!! Funny thing that I noticed Mike Rowe in that picture before I noticed you. You got to go to Disneyland for your birthday too!? Fun! I mean, sure, you say it was for Olivia, but Disneyland rocks no matter how old you are. 🙂

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