A Letter To Myself {Because Sometimes I Need It}

Because it is nice to receive correspondence . . . a real handwritten, hand illustrated, home-made envelope correspondence . . .

But wait, this is not one of those.


Andi, if you’re reading this, this is your cue.

But at least it’s Christmas time, which means cute cards from friendly people that I haven’t seen in too long, and smart little sayings about wishing me and mine all that the holidays are supposed to be.

I love Christmas cards. But I didn’t send them.

Let’s get back to the task at hand.

Dear Self,

It’s time we had a little talk. You know you obsess sometimes. You do.

You are, on most occasions, a very laid back person without too much concern about the particulars of life. There is lots of room for imperfection in your life.

Except when you obsess. You get it in your head about how something ought to be – how it should look, how people should behave, what color the paint should be . . .

and then it’s no fun. Particularly for this guy.

So I’m telling you – 2011 – The year of “Letting Go.”

Relax. Realize that what ever you want right now, well, it doesn’t really matter. Your happiness set point is bound to reset.

SIDE NOTE TO AFOREMENTIONED GUY – Just because I’m not obsessing doesn’t mean I should never have my way in 2011. I am thinking about re-painting . . .

But I won’t obsess. If I decide to repaint in green, I won’t worry if it’s just the right shade. You know what I mean?

Other than that, Anj, you’re pretty much awesome (it’s nice to hear it).

And, let’s be honest, sometimes your obsessing yields amazing results.


Maybe next year I’ll send out Christmas cards.

3 comments on “A Letter To Myself {Because Sometimes I Need It}

I like green and your obsessed over Christmas was the best! And the weird thing is that Wyatt even put up Christmas lights outside and let them run for a week or two!!

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