My Sister, Leslee, on her 26th Birthday

This is my sister Leslee.

She’s a lot like me, but in a lot of ways we are totally different.


  • We both listen to Country Music.
  • We both love our sisters to the end of the universe and back.
  • We both like to eat yummy food.
  • We both do random art projects.


  • Leslee will make you feel like the center of the universe. People are the most important to her, and she works super hard on relationships at every level.
  • She loves to take care of people. She takes care of me all the time. I love it.
  • She is really good at horses – like she trains them, teaches others how to ride them, competes on them, knows all about how to take care of them.
  • She is strong – she’s overcome so much in her life, and has led her life with grace and goodness.

You are my super-hero, sweet girl. I love you so much, and admire you even more. XOXO

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