I Guess She Really Was Listening

Today was the usual fare in Sacrament Meeting – toys flying, kids crying, parents giving each other looks.

I finally gave Olivia my pen and sketch book, and she happily sat down at the end of the pew and began drawing.

A while later she came to me with her first illustration.

Olivia Garden Tomb 4-17-2011

“This is Jesus in the tomb” she explained.

And then she proceeded to detail for me her little drawing.

Olivia Garden Tomb (2) 4-17-2011It was sweet to be sure. But just then Everett decided he had enough, and I dashed out of the meeting with a *LOUD* baby in my arms.

So Olivia sat down again at the end of the pew, and drew some more.

Olivia Crucifixion 4-17-2011

Olivia Ressurection 4-17-2011

Later Olivia gave me the details of each of these as well.

Olivia Crucifixion (2) 4-17-2011Olivia Ressurection (2) 4-17-2011

And so I guess she really was listening to Sharing Time last week.



At one point Wyatt leaned over and asked Olivia what she was going to do with her drawings, and she told him matter-of-factly, “I am going to make a book.”

And Wyatt laughed and barried his face in his hands, and said “She is your daughter.”

And I told him it confirmed my theory that our children watched and learned from us in the pre-existence.

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