We Went to the Carl Bloch Exhibit

Carl Bloch

*This was my favorite painting, “Gethsemane” altar piece. The description of the piece talked about Luke 22: 41-44; “And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.” It then told that most depictions of this moment show an angel descending from Heaven, carrying the “bitter cup” for Christ to partake. This is a more compassionate interpretation of the Angel giving comfort.

At the Museum of Art at BYU they’ve had the Carl Bloch exhibit. All winter long, when I was so sick, I thought – I’ll go in April. I will feel better by then.

April came, and I logged on to get my tickets, only to find they were all but sold out! I had no idea how big this exhibit is. We managed to get tickets for today (the last week of the show). Wyatt took time off work, and we loaded up the kids and stroller in the van, and off we went . . .

As we walked in to the exhibit, I couldn’t help it, I cried (I do that a lot lately. Blame it on the hormones). The paintings positively glowed, and you’d have to be inhuman to not feel the Spirit there. It was amazing to be in the presence of such sensitivity to the life of Christ.

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I just went last Friday. I walked in and couldn’t look anywhere because I didn’t want to cry in front of everyone (it was really crowded). I almost left.

Anyways, I was so amazed by his ability to create sacredness just with some paint.

shoot. i want to be able to do that with books.

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