The Story of Everett {Part Two}
{From the Lost Posts}

Olivia and Cal with baby Everett the day after he was born.
The anesthesiologist

When the nurse finally said I could start pushing, I asked Wyatt to hand me my camera. I had already been instructing him on some pictures I wanted – you know, where to stand, how to zoom etc. He got a kinda confused look on his face –

My nurse, Codi. She wasn't the intense nursery nurse that took Ev away.


“Wait, why do you want the camera?”

Wyatt, waiting to become a new daddy.


“Because I want to take pictures.”

Dr. Larsen and my nurse laughing at me.


“But you have to push.”

Dr. Larsen catching baby Everett.


“I know.”


And so I pushed while holding the camera up and taking pictures (it actually took more concentration than I thought).

Sucking out Everett's mouth and nose.

Dr. Larsen laughed. He said in all the births he’s ever delivered- over his 30+ year career, that it was the first time he’d ever seen a mom take pictures while delivering the baby.

Baby toe

As soon as little Everett was born they gave him to me for all of 30 seconds, then took him over to the bassinet to start the whole new-baby-test stuff. They decided he wasn’t pinking up fast enough and took him to the nursery.

Everett in the bassinet. (Wyatt has the camera for these ones).

This is where I got really annoyed. They took him, and wouldn’t bring him back! I had to go down to the nursery to see him for the first day. Other than that first 30 seconds I didn’t get to see him again for another couple hours until they had me all ready to move around. I think the nurses were being a little over-zealous. But it’s always better safe than sorry.

Everett receiving oxegyn in his bassinet

They also decided to keep him one extra day. So I had to check out of the hospital and leave while he stayed. I drove back and forth every two hours to nurse and cuddle him. All I wanted was my sweet baby boy in my arms, but everyone (nurses) was being all bossy about it.

Everett was 8 lb. 14 oz.

In the end though we brought home a healthy baby boy. He was my biggest, at 8 lbs 14 oz.

Me holding Everett in the nursery.

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{From the Lost Posts}


You took pictures while you pushed?!!! Wow, I guess having the epidural actually work the whole time makes a big difference. I could barely even lift my head, let alone hold a camera. You are amazing.

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