Kindergarten Testing

DSC00328In preparation for school to start, I told Olivia she would be doing her kindergarten testing. I meant for it to be exciting – something to look forward to. I’m not sure it had that effect. All week she prayed to Heavenly Father in her nightly prayers – “Please help me to do well on my test so I can go to kindergarten.” I explained to her that it wasn’t that type of a test, and that she would get to go to school for sure. But still, every night she prayed.

So today I took her to her test. My mom watched the boys and just Olivia and I drove up to the school. She got to meet her teacher, and then took the test, which took all of fifteen minutes.


Afterwards we went to Old McDonalds because there was a new playground and Olivia has been asking to go to it for weeks. I think she was pretty happy with the whole event. And it was fun to spend some special time with my girl before school starts.

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