Seek Learning

This year Olivia will start kindergarten. I’ve already spent my tears on this reality.

Not only that, but my buddy, SuperCal will start pre-school. I will miss him so much.

So it has been a busy two weeks trying to get them both ready for their new adventures while taking time to enjoy my little Roo and also their last few days of freedom.

I started a tradition last year of a back to school dinner. It was a lot of fun to do last year, and so I planned another one this year. But, are you surprised, it was even BIGGER this year!

The theme for our 2011-2012 school year is “Seek Learning” from the D&C – because the first step in education is wanting to be educated. I know Olivia and Calvin both have a thirst for knowledge and a pride in their progress, so I think this will be a great focus for our year.

This year’s dinner featured:

Lime Chicken Tacos
Spanish Rice
Summer Salsa
Corn on the Cob
Raspberry Lemonade (real raspberry lemonade)
& Summer Peach Pie a’la mode.


Our theme is "Seek Learning"
I decorated the table with all things kids - and I laughed at this vignette.
Our beautiful flowers were provided by my dad.
Our table with Olivia & Cal's back to school gifts - friendship balls. (I made the gift boxes myself!)
Olivia and Cal opening their gifts.
Kids in their back to school crowns.
Something was funny . . .

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That is so cool! I am so impressed that you accomplished all of that with a new baby. I might have to steal that idea…

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