Olivia’s First Day of Kindergarten


7:00 a.m. came bright and early Monday morning. Baby Sunshine got up and ate a healthy breakfast, got dressed in her new school outfit, patiently sat while I braided her hair, checked and rechecked her backpack for the important things, and then, was ready for her first day of Kindergarten.DSC00477DSC00481DSC00479

Olivia rides the bus to school. This has been, perhaps, the most exciting part for her. All summer long she has anticipated the day she would get to climb the steps onto that giant orange beast, and sit, with her friends on the black vinyl bench seat and wave goodbye to her mamma – heading out on her own adventure, on her own.DSC00484

We joined our street of parents and kids, and walked down to the bus stop, where we visited with other neighbors and children, waiting, so excited, for the bus to come.

I’d like to say (for my own gratification) that when the bus finally came, Olivia was overwhelmed, and clung to her mamma for comfort and reassurance. But she didn’t. She was full of confidence and excitement. She barely even looked back as she climbed those steps.

We waved goodbye, and then raced home to jump into our own minivan to race up to the school to greet her when she climbed off the bus, and was ready to go to class.DSC00498

We met the other children her age, and took pictures as she waited for her time to go into the classroom. The teachers put name tags on each child. When each kid was duly labeled, they were instructed to wave goodbye to their parents, and off they marched, into the school that will instruct her little brain in all things academic and otherwise for the next seven years of her life.DSC00502

That afternoon we met her at the bus stop. “How was your first day of Kindergarten?!” I was so excited to hear. But she didn’t actually have much to say about it. I asked what her favorite part was, who her friends were. She seemed to like her teachers and her classmates. But now she wanted to play.

I can understand that.

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