Reality Check Part II


Calvin: Mommy, it takes a long time for you tummy to get small. As long as it takes for a new baby to get here.

Me: You’re right. But my tummy is already a little smaller right? (I mean, didn’t he notice?!)

Calvin: Yeah, (then, pointing directly at my chest) but those aren’t smaller!


Conversation between Olivia and an older couple admiring baby Andrew and baby Mason:

Old man: Those are sure cute babies. Where can my wife get one of those?

Olivia, matter-of-factly and nonchalantly: At the tummy store.


Calvin and Alexa after primary:

Calvin: Alexa, we learned about sharing in primary today. It’s important to share.

Alexa: Really? (Alexa’s mom is Cal’s teacher, and she knew that the lesson was on friends, not sharing.)

Calvin: Yeah. So you should share your candy bar with me. It’s good to share.

(All I can say to this story is: Is that Wyatt’s kid or what?!)


Calvin seems to have (FINALLY) moved out of the stage where he needs constant supervision. He seems to know the rules, and doesn’t destroy everything in his path (very often). But just as he’s moved out of that stage, Everett is moving right on in.

Last week I was upstairs feeding the baby, while everyone else was downstairs. When I came out, I heard water on. I went into my bathroom to find the water on, the sink clogged and water spilling over the sides, down the cabinet and onto the floor.

I went downstairs to find Wyatt and found that it was raining in my downstair bathroom (directly below the upstairs one).

Last Saturday night Wyatt and I went downstairs after the kids were “in bed.” When we came upstairs we found a trail of Fruit Loops down the hall, culminating in an entire spilled box in front of my bedroom door.

The next morning I was half asleep, but heard Calvin and Everett get up. Remembering what happened the night before, I got up, and went and tied up the cupboards and fridge, before returning to bed to sleep in.

Later Wyatt got up and got the kids breakfast – cereal and milk. But he forgot to tie up the fridge when he was done.

Later he found Everett, covered head to toe in sour cream, an entire block of cheese in his room, and an entire box of margarine (that I had just bought the night before for Dutch Oven Brownies that we were supposed to have later that day) in various clumps around the house.

Well, lovely Wyatt cleaned the boy and mess up, but he forgot, again to tie up the fridge. Later, just as it was time to get ready for church, I came around the corner to find eJo happily cracking the last of a dozen eggs on my kitchen floor.

Good times.

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Oh my GOSH! that E-jo! I am thanking my lucky stars that my kids haven’t gotten in to that much mischief yet! (knock on wood…Truman will totally be an into everything sort of a guy) And Calvin’s sharing your candy with me logic made me laugh! Yes, totally Wyatt’s child! And, LOVE that Olivia! Katie thinks she is her sister. “I got these clothes from my sister Olivia.” Ha ha! Joseph keeps wanting to have you guys over…let me know when you’re up for an outing to Lehi!

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