My boy Cal has started preschool. While I consider today his “first day” there have been a couple prior events that were important too.

DSC005341) Back to school night – we got to go meet his teacher, Miss Sheri, and see his classroom and all the fun things there are!



2) “First Day of School” (but I don’t count it) where the parents are invited to attend as well. It was more of an open house to let the children play while the parents are able to get to know one another. I had my sister come babysit Ejo & Roo while Cal and I went to this. Afterward we went to McD’s for Happy Meals and ice cream cones. Did you know McD’s won’t serve happy meals before 11:00? LAME!


So Cal settled for a sausage McMuffin, which is not the same. But we enjoyed ourselves all the same.

3) Today – Cal’s first, real, drop him off and wave good-bye, day of school.

It was a mixed emotion for me. I’ve always planned to hold Cal back a grade, his birthday is the end of July. So by going into preschool now, he’ll have two years of preschool, instead of the one that Olivia had.


I chose to only have O go to one year of preschool because I felt (and still do) that kids need as much time with their mamma’s as they can get. There will be plenty of time for school and real-world later.

But with Calvin, I chose to send him now, even though it will probably work out that he does two years . . .

I made a different decision for him because there are no other boys, or children for that matter that are his age in our entire ward. His primary class consists of him, and one other boy whose family actually lives in Herriman. Calvin has had a lot of fun playing with his older sister, and her friends, these past four years, but with her going to school daily now, and him getting older, I think he needs to find some other friends his own age and start learning the social graces of four year old boys.

He has been so excited for school. Last week we went school shopping for him. He loved that part. And this morning he wanted to take his treasure box to show Miss Sheri. She was appropriately thrilled. I am so excited for him to have this new adventure that is all about him. DSC00586

At the same time, those couple hours he was gone were so weird! I kept wondering: “Where is Cal? What’s he getting into? Why is it so quiet?” Oh dear, it was strange. I missed my fun little boy with that mischievous grin and heart of gold.

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