Believing God

Remember that part in The Hiding Place where the sister, the one who isn’t in the book very much, well, the Nazi’s show up at her house, and ask her point blank if her housekeeper is a Jew.

And the housekeeper is more than an employee, she’s a dear and loved friend. And the sister is horrified by what is happening to the Jews. And the whole situation is just tragic.

But the sister has such faith in God, such total belief in Him.

All she knows is that God told her not to lie.

So she tells the truth.

And they immediately take the housekeeper away.

And later the housekeeper is let go. And she’s never bothered again, even though they know she’s a Jew.

And it’s because God intervenes – he shows his hand to those with faith.

That part made me cry.

I wonder if I know anyone, anyone in my whole life who believes God that much.

I wonder if I ever will.

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