Bill Cosby, I can relate . . .

I remember watching that comedy sketch by Bill Cosby as a kid. We had it on VHS – “Bill Cosby, Himself.” I remember watching it with my brothers, and just laughing and laughing.

Little did I know that my parents must have been in the back of the room crying because of the truth of it!

Today was one of those days – Cal was in “time out” four times before nine am, and only because I didn’t put him in time out each time he did something he oughtn’t have.

It was one of those days.

I was laughing the other day to a friend about the new show – “Up All Night” – it speaks so true. But my friend just shook her head. “I can’t watch shows like that,” she said, “they are too painfully real.”

I can watch. I enjoy the comedic empathy. But sometimes I wonder if I’m really going to survive this.

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Ha! I love Bill Cosby. I think that the kids’ brain damage is contagious. I am definitely less smart than I once was.


As I’m watching this my kids are fighting that each of them won’t let the others do their kitchen chores. Alex is claiming Susanna won’t let him do the dishes, Susanna is claiming she isn’t doing anything to Alex. Alyssa doesn’t know who’s doing what … I may not survive either.

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