Imagination Vacation

I’ve been waiting for Andi to make the announcement first; tonight she finally did. I’m taking that as my license to make my own announcement:

Andi’s first book has been published and is available on Amazon!

She wrote and illustrated the book herself! (Last year a book came out that she illustrated, but this one she wrote too!)

It’s so great, and I’m so excited for her. I feel like Diana, just beaming with pride standing next to Anne!

So, might I suggest you add this lovely book (I had the privileged of getting a sneak peak at the whole thing, it’s great!) to your Christmas list for your own little lovelies.

Book Cover Synopsis:

Are hot springs rainbows, curled up to nap? Or are they pools of water, heated deep within the earth? Yellowstone is an amazing and mysterious place. Emmaline has some imaginative ideas about the origins of the park’s wonders. Her scientist father has some pretty wild theories of his own. Follow their magical adventure through America’s first national park.

Written and illustrated by an elementary art teacher and her own geologist father, this book is a playful lesson in earth science.

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