My Evil Genius Plan

For 31 years I complained about my birthday falling over Thanksgiving weekend. A few years I even tried to celebrate my big day on my un-birthday (6 mos.), and on the years my day actually fell on Thanksgiving, good grief but I felt short changed . . .

Until Monday when I looked at the calendar for the week. Tuesday was short day at school, and Wednesday – dum-da-da-da! No school! This meant my little lovelies would all be home with me on my birthday, and we could all play together all day long. I was so SO excited. And then it finally dawned on my what I was thinking when I sat in heaven, refusing to budge until two weeks past my due date, only making my grand entrance on the Friday after Thanksgiving while my dad was watching a John Wayne marathon:

I chose to be born over this weekend so that my little children will always celebrate with me. Thanksgiving is a family holiday, so they’ll have time off school, and they’ll be spending time with their family (even me, their mom).

Like I said: Genius!

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I remember you always complaining about your birthday being by turkey day. And when Lexi was born close to it also I remember you telling me to “never lump her birthday with Thanksgiving!” and we never have…and I think of you every time we celebrate it:)

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