But January Made Me Shiver


Check out that bedhead, and that “I just woke up, get that camera out of my face” scowl. Ah, Everett, will I ever grow accustomed to you adorable-ness?


Roo got to eat his first foods – oh so exciting, if only he could figure out how to get his tongue to work so it doesn’t just push the food out and away. We’ll keep practicing.


I found this “CTR” on the top of the piano the other day when cleaning. Olivia made it out of waxed string. (And yes, that is post-christmas glitter, still littering my pianotop).


We’ve had such an unusual January – the other day we went outside to ride scooters (coats weren’t really even necessary, but felt important by me nonetheless).


Yes, Olivia poses now when ever I take a picture of her. She’s got it down, wouldn’t you say?


After a mildly stressful week we decided to have a low key Saturday – jammies all day! Wyatt played legos with the boys!


Wyatt impressed all with his car building ability.


Everett made a nice stack.


And Cal made a house (and windmill, not shown here).


And Roo played happily on the floor – out of reach of any legos that he might try to consume. We didn’t need to add an Emergency Room trip to our day.


Olivia confided that she wanted a canopy over her bed – like a canopy bed with posts, but I told her I had something better! (Ta Da!) Upstairs in the closet I had this old net that I made for Olivia’s baby room. It hung over her crib, but has been in storage for a few years. I’m so glad it’s getting used again! (We had to rearrange her flower poufs, which she was quite concerned about, but in the end I think she was rather pleased). (Click on the picture to see a detail of her room).


After that Olivia wanted to play in her room all day. So we played Barbies. Here are all her dolls, dressed modestly and ready to go. (Mostly modestly).


“Why do they even make those dresses?” Olivia asked me about her immodest Barbie dresses. I was stumped. Why do they even make those dresses?

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