The Little Things


At Christmas Everett still wasn’t talking much. He had maybe a handful of words, but they were small, and used irregularly.

By the end of January he was a little chatter box with a vocabulary as wide as his grin (very wide, don’t you know).

Some of my favorites:

“Me’s” – aka – mine

“Aah-Ya” -aka – Olivia, so cute because my nickname from my brother when I was little was “Aah Ya”

“Nah-nee” -aka- Calvin, although yesterday Ejo concentrated very hard and said “Calvin” for the first time.

He has no problem saying “Andrew” or “Everett”


The other day I was out running errand without kiddos  (a rare experience for me). It wasn’t until my errands were done and I was pulling back into the neighborhood that I realized I was still listening to the kid’s Veggie Tales pirate soundtrack . . . and singing along. And when I realized the kids were gone and I could change the music to something more – mmm – age appropriate, I felt a little hesitant . . . . because I like the Pirate CD. I am the very model of a modern major general . . .


Feb. 16, 2012

My children have never believed in the whole “kiss it better” thing. I tried to convince Olivia, and I probably even tried with Calvin, that my kisses would make those bonks and bruises be okay. But it never took hold.

But this morning Everett bonked his head on the chair. In his tears he came to me and told me “Kiss it!”

And so I did. And the tears stopped.

And I felt like “YES!” I finally get to be a super hero.



Feb. 17th 2012
Today Olivia and I were cleaning the bathroom together, and I was telling her about how my kids were the best thing I’ve ever done with my life. And she said:

“I know mom, you made me, and I’m your most perfect perfect perfect piece of art.”

And it’s SO TRUE.

Apparently I am the greatest artist in the entire universe.



This past week we went down to Grandma’s. The next morning Calvin produced four latex gloves that he had procured for himself while visiting. He asked me to blow them up into balloons.

And then he gave two to Everett, one to Olivia, and kept one for himself.

And that’s just like Calvin. He really is the most thoughtful and kind four year old boy I’ve ever met.



We went to the Valentines Dance last Friday, and the song “Forever Young” by Alphaville came on. Everyone has a “Forever Young” dance song. Mine was especially lame – long story short (can I make a long story short?) – it involved a ninth grade boy awkwardly telling me he didn’t “hate” me at the Christmas dance.

So on Friday night, at the Valentines Dance, when Forever Young came on, this time I asked Calvin to dance, and he said yes. And we spun in circles, and giggled, and he let me cuddle him close. And I closed my eyes to remember this dance – for this would be my new “Forever Young” story, and I finally would have a great one to tell.

And I love that Calvin will be the new center of my dance memory.

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