Calvin in March


He is really coming into his own. His head is full of deep thoughts that he shares on occasion with startling candor. His heart is the most golden of any child I’ve ever encountered. His faith is perfect, his kindness sincere. He’s discovering that he is a big kid, able to use his body for great adventure . . . climbing, running, jumping, riding. He still is in love with his mamma and daddy, and asks for cuddles as a favorite pass time.

This is my little boy in March.IMG_6445

Today he came in alone, talking out loud.”Who are you talking to?” I asked. “Oh, Heavenly Father” was his casual reply.

Yesterday with the sunshine embracing us, and despite the cold weather, Calvin and Daddy decided to practice riding his bike again. In only one or two turns Cal told his Daddy: “Let go of me, don’t hold on!” And just like that, he was off, riding his bike, even into the dip. He has found the freedom that will be his for all of his youth.



A few weeks ago we sat in church. A very nice musical number was played intermittent to the talks. When it was over, Cal came over to me, looked up, and with a soft voice said: “That music was so beautiful, it made me cry.”



In companion to riding his bike, Calvin discovered that he can climb trees. He and Olivia have discovered that the neighbor to the East has a tree just the right size for their climbing abilities, and they are in it constantly. I have to scold them every once in a while to stay out of the tree (I don’t know those neighbors particularly well), but at the same time, it warms my heart to see my children in it’s spread branches. I spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours in trees growing up, and was an active climber well into college, so of course I’m thrilled to see my kids finding such a great activity to fill their time.



Last night Calvin turned to me, shovel in hand, grin spread ear to ear, and said: “Mommy, I’m going to dig straight! Straight to China!”

A few minutes later Calvin had made — a hole — and as I approached to take a picture of his efforts I overheard Olivia tell him “I’m so proud of you for digging such a big hole!” – And I am proud of him too!

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