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We were walking around the farm and Cal and O got ahead of me, so they stopped to rest under a tree while I caught up. I came around the corner and saw them resting in the most beautiful light.

1) In Which I Write About the Nomenclature of My Posts in an AA Milne Format-
Or, The One Where Andrea Titles Like Friends –

Sometimes I think to myself that I should title all my posts from lyrics of songs, lines of poetry, or words of great literature. There is always a line to go with what I’m thinking. And I think it would be great trivia to see if anyone (all three of you) could guess where the title comes from. Perhaps I shall start that hither to . . .

In the back yard on Easter.
I made a TON of home made strawberry jam last week! Even though I made so much, I doubt it will last through the summer - I've already been through two big jars! YUMMMMMM!
It makes me giggle with delight when my kids discover the things all kids know - like how to slide down the stairs in their sleeping bags.


2) A Rose By Any Other Name –

Speaking of Names – Jason gave me the most amazing idea ever the other night. I was giddy and laughing, literally, for five minutes, as I thought of the possibilities.

We were talking about names, and how I don’t have a middle one. And Jason said “so you could just make up your own?”

And the light bulb went off. And I started laughing, and laughing, and laughing. Because, you know, I can give myself my own name. I even know how to go down to the Social Security office to make it official. And it’s not like I haven’t seen that episode of Friends before, I have. It’s just – this was the first time I realized it for myself.

Playing on the new playground at the farm.


And so here are the names I’m thinking of. I’m trying to narrow it down to five (plus my first name, plus my last – seven names. Still less than a Latin or a Catholic).

Seraphina or Seraphim

Calvin holding up a letter I sent to Andi today - on a flip flop.

3) There’s A Letter on the Desktop that I dug out of a drawer, the last truce we ever came to, in our adolescent war –

As I am smitten with real hand written letters, I am currently taking bids for pen pals this summer (wink, and giggle). Of course, ee (who is no longer ee) has already accepted my plea and agreed to exchange correspondence. Others may or may not receive actual requests but rather random letters arriving in their mail boxes. If you would like to be one (and are willing to return letter for letter) then do let me know!

Blowing the dandelions.

4) Walking on Sunshine, baby, yeah!

We returned to Wheeler Farm this week after a long and wintery absence. We spent three long hours playing, visiting the animals, climbing the tree and the tree house, exploring the new playground, and talking to the farmer about our own pending summer garden.

And I felt so good to be out and about with my little herd again. I will admit, baby number four has felt like the one where I can’t go anywhere. Up until this point it hasn’t seemed too hard to pack up my littles and take them on an adventure, but somehow with four I feel so intimidated by the task.

Climbing the old Box Elder Tree at the farm.

But the sunshine was calling my name, so I put forth the effort, great as it was (to buckle them all) (except Olivia, who can buckle herself) and took them to the farm. It was a great, great day. And I look forward to a summer FULL of great days.

Olivia wants me to teach her how to make dandelion chains.

5) In A Secret Garden She Has

We had Stake Conference today. It was lovely though I only heard about seven minutes of the whole two hours. But my ears did pick up this quote –

Both abundance and lack [of abundance] exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend … when we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present—love, health, family, friends, work, the joys of nature, and personal pursuits that bring us [happiness]—the wasteland of illusion falls away and we experience heaven on earth.

I liked it. I love the idea of my life being a secret garden that I tend to with tenderness.

Andrew with his lady-killer eyes!
Monthly Brock Family Dinner - April

6) I Like To Ride My Bicycle

Every evening we go on a bike ride. Once dinner is over out we go, the littlest strapped into the bike cart, the others with helmets and confidence, strike out to ride around the neighborhood to see who is out and about.


Once we rode about three miles! I was so proud of the little loves. They didn’t complain (until the very end, when I knew it was time to go home). The rode up and down and in and out of each street, down past the church, up by Target, back around, over to the park, up past the Ferg’s, the Flethers and the Engh’s. What good little bike riders I have! It makes me happy!


7 ) There are ghosts in the eyes of all the boys you left behind

Summer is coming. We sat down at the calendar the other day to fill out our plans. We haven’t even started, and the summer is JAM-PACKED! Some things on the agenda?

Mamma and Baby Sunshine at the park on a picnic
Orangy Smiles at our picnic


Swiming lessons, every day for two weeks in June
T-Ball twice a week all summer long
Art in the Park once a week (which I’m in charge of this summer)
Camping in Oakley
Camping at Goblin Valley
Weekend trip to Jordanelle with the Christensen’s
10 Days at the Beach in southern California, maybe even a trip thru Big Sur on the way home.
Butlerville Days
Ice Cream Social
Backyard treat night
Calvin’s Birthday and all the parties associated therewith
A weekend at the cabin with the Brock’s
Andrew’s Birthday and all the parties associated therewith
A summer garden
Sound of Music at Hale Center Theater
Thomas’ missionary farewell
Squeezing in all barbeques and trips to the pool, farm, and mountains as we can!

Oooh! So excited!

Paint tray at Home Depot
Olivia painting her planter at Home Depot Saturday


8 ) Much madness is divinest sense
To a discerning eye;
Much sense the starkest madness.
‘Tis the majority
In this, as all, prevails Assent, and you are sane;
Demur,–you’re straightway dangerous,
And handled with a chain.

I’ve had an itch for art projects lately. I’ve run from one project to another without the sanity or attention to finish any of them. And yet I think about them constantly. My list:

  • Art room (oh how I want to decorate and design it to hold all my tools just so).
  • Painting
  • Summer sewing projects, ones on my mind right now: turning Olivia’s pants into cute shorts and making a really cute skirt for her.
  • Gardens. I’ve been dreaming of beautiful gardens, but what’s new?
  • Back yard magic – I have it in my mind to string up lights and decor all over my yard.
IMG_7077 copy
We finally went to a Home Depot Saturday, and boy are we glad we did! Each kid got to make their own planters, paint them, docorate them, eat a yummy Costco cake (seriously, aren't they the best?) and then take home their own plant! Best of all, the entire activity was free! I think we've found a new activity to add to the list! Home Depot does these once a month.
Andrew was content to sleep in the cart.


9) And since you know you cannot see yourself,
so well as by reflection, I, your glass,
will modestly discover to yourself,
that of yourself which you yet know not of.


Back in March I instituted a new rule in our family – one to help us slow down, and help the kids accept boredom more readily. (Wink).

We now have what’s called “Brother/Sister play dates” where we don’t go anywhere or do anything or play with anyone. The hope is they will learn to play with each other and count each other as their truest friends. Those are relationships they will need the rest of their lives, so I’m trying to remember to keep “us” as the center, and put everyone else’s priorities second.

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Emily (Nelsen) Archibald

Oh Andrea! I love your posts! You do such fun things with your kids, which inspires me and you are so full of life! I want to be your pen pal. I will send you letters if you will send me letters! You can then say that you are receiving letters from a Delaware resident who lives in North Carolina! … Let me know 🙂 Keep playin!

Carrie the bestest Auntie/Sister ever!

Dear Andrea,

Oh how I miss you and the children. You inspire me! Can I please be your pen pal? The other day I was reading a letter you sent me while I was on my mission and it brightened my week. I am considering taping it on my wall at my office.

I am somewhat homeless at the moment so I don’t know what address to give you for you to send me letters to but as soon as I have one I will let you know!

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