Everett and Olivia at the splash park.


Last week we went to the splash park. The kids were all so excited to go, but somehow the thrill wore off for Everett as soon as we got out of the car. He played for a few minutes in the water, then came back to me whining about something or other. He sat with me for a few minutes and then went to get his blankie out of the car. As he was coming back he tripped on the curb and that just put him over the edge. He cried and cried until finally Calvin came over to him and asked:

“Everett, do you want to do something really fun?”

And Everett nodded yes through his tears.

So Calvin said: “Come with me.”

And Everett started following Cal. But when Everett couldn’t keep up, Cal turned around and took Everett’s hand.

Together they climbed the big hill behind the splash pad. Even though Cal could have climbed it much faster, he waited patiently as Everett climbed at his pace all the way to the top. Then Cal showed him how to roll down it. I watched the boys as they ran up the hill, then rolled back down, then ran back up, then rolled back down . . . over and over again for about ten minutes. When they came back, Everett was happy as could be.

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