Angels Among Us


This story was told to me tonight by Wyatt after the fact:

Wyatt had had a bad day, and while I was at the store, he came in to change for Bishopric, and Everett was laying on our bed, blankie in hands.

Then Everett turned to daddy and said: “Are you sad?” – Wyatt said he said it very clearly, and very matter-of-factly.

To which Wyatt brushed it over and said “No, I’m ok. Why do you think I’m sad.”

Then Everett just pointed strait up.

So Wyatt asked: “Do you see angels?”

And Everett said yes, and again pointed above him, and then over to the side by the doorway.

Then Wyatt asked: “Who do you see?”

And Everett said something, but Wyatt wasn’t able to understand it.

Then Wyatt cuddled with the boy, and Ejo spread his blankie out over both him and his Daddy and was content to lay there with his fingers in his mouth and his daddy by his side.

I often think about the angels that are around. I believe they are there. I believe they care for me and my children, and help compensate for my failures. I believe when I die I will be surprised at the tenderness and care with which we are each watched over while here on earth.

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