Welcome Back, July!

2012-07-01 19.11.26
The best part of today? The sunflower that bloomed in the back yard. I've never seen one (of the varieties that I grow) bloom this early! It's just been that hot. But it was a great little surprise.


Remember last year, when July was over?

And now it’s back!

Welcome back July, we’re so excited to have you!

Here is a little tour of our yard on July 1st:

2012-07-01 19.19.45
View of the garden in the back yard.
2012-07-01 19.20.46
I have little tomatoes coming on! I hope they don't get ripe while I'm out of town 🙁
2012-07-01 19.21.19
Today I pulled out SIX zuccini plants, but I couldn't bear to pull out the four that were already starting to produce, even though my neighbor tells me I will be drowing in zuccini. If anyone wants some, let me know! We counted 7 so far!
2012-07-01 19.27.23
I even have a little baby pepper growing!
2012-07-01 19.23.48
View of the back yard with babies playing.
2012-07-01 19.26.40
Everett is such a big helper these days!
2012-07-01 19.22.29
View of the back yard from the back of the garden (notice Roo on the grass, and Everett playing).
2012-07-01 19.30.10
In the front yard we have things blooming too - like this yellow Day Lily. I will admit, Day Lilies are not my favorite, but at least this one is yellow instead of orange. 😀
2012-07-01 19.30.37
This is Wyatt's favorite - the fuschia Gerbera Daisy.
2012-07-01 19.30.56
I'm excited for these yellow daisies a neighbor gave me last fall.
2012-07-01 19.32.46
My pink Asiatic Lilies finally bloomed! I was begining to wonder since it seems like everyone elses bloomed like two weeks ago. They still aren't very tall - only 12 inches or so. I wonder if they will get bigger as the years come? The blooms are HUGE though - probably 6 or 8 inches across.

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