A Pirate’s Life For Me

Big Chief
Cal with his teepee and head dress. He's looking very indian-chief-esque, no?

Calvin turned five.

Every day for the past three weeks he’s asked: “How many more days until my birthday?”

And every day for the past month he’s told me: “I want this (or this)(or that) for my birthday.”

And every day he’s told me: “For this party we shall do this. And for that party we shall do that.”

(Because what is a birthday without a party?)

So today was the day.

With morning presents before anything else; because he’s already been waiting so long!

A few different Nerf guns and refill darts.

And a teepee and head dress.

Some army guys and a journal and a new booster seat.

And Sunday clothes. (“What? Clothes, that’s not fun!” – that’s a direct quote from our opening ceremonies this morning.)


And then there was the birthday party. Pirates and friends and cake and ice cream.

And then dinner – waffles with chocolate chips and strawberry jam and whipped cream – per his request.


And then another party with neighbor friends. More cake, more ice cream.

And then finally the evening wore down. Friends lingered and said goodbye. Boy put on jammies, then played some more with his new toys.

Finally he went to bed with dreams of the things he did not get for his big day.

But there’s always next year.

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