Brock Family Cabin Trip, 2012

Stars over the cabin - by Andrea Christensen

Update: After posting this, Carrie emailed me a bunch of her pictures. Hurray for super-aunts who take pictures of things!

Our last big summer activity was the cabin trip with the Brock Family.

Me and Everett on the Canoe. - By Carrie Brock


It was a huge success. There was so much food (good grief, so much!) and so much fun (oh, dearie).

Olivia and Wesley playing in the fort in the woods behind the cabin. -by Carrie Brock
Roo in the Canoe - picture taken by me with Carrie's camera.
Carrie and Ejo and the catch of the day - picture by me with Carrie's camera. (ya, ya, I know there's some motion blur. )


Unfortunately I was having too much fun to really take any pictures – so there are hardly any except for when we went to fishing (Wyatt fish’s, I take pictures).

I didn’t get pictures of –

-4 Wheeling
-The kids playing in the fort out in the woods (which they disappeared to for most of the time at the cabin).
-The craft projects we did for Leslee’s baby
-Watching movies
-Playing card games
-Eating (did I mention there was every imaginable yummy there?)
-hanging out in the hot tub under the stars (though I did get some star pics).

Moose and Mamma in the Meadow - by Carrie Brock

Next year we decided we’re going to take the horses up too. And I’m going to go down the zip line for sure. (For some reason I never got around to it this year, even though I kept saying I would).

Thanks Leslee & Jason for playing hosts.

Calvin on the 4Wheeler - by Carrie Brock


PS – For the record, Wyatt caught like 20 fish, and each kid caught quite a few too, which always makes Wyatt happy.

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