But We Did Make It To The Dinosaur Museum


Tuesday was going to be busy.

It was the last activity for “Art in the Park” – a water party with a pot luck lunch afterwards.

Everett playing at the Dinosaur Museum.

Then there was Max’s birthday party.

And it was 2 dollar Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point – and we needed to go to the dinosaur museum!

But Monday night as Wyatt and I were talking about his political campaign (did you know he’s running for State legislature?) it was determined that we needed a family picture for some of the literature he would be handing out.

A family picture has been on my list for a long time now – about a year – since Andrew was born. I’ve been asking Wyatt to make time, planning locations, etc. But Wyatt has never been willing to make it a priority, and I have been too busy to force the issue.

But finally it HAD TO BE DONE RIGHT AWAY! So we text Rick and set up a time – at Wheeler Farm, after Art in the Park, before the birthday party/dinosaur museum.

Olivia and Roo in the dig at the dinosaur museum.

The birthday got cancelled because Max was sick.

Much to the kids disappointment,  I left art in the park early to get a few things (pants for me, shirt for Olivia) that would work for our picture. Then we met up with Rick and had our pictures taken.

After that Wyatt wanted it edited and worked on right away for his pamphlet that he needed. I worked on it for a couple hours until finally Wyatt had to go to some meetings. He wouldn’t be home for the rest of the evening he told me.

That’s okay. Neither will I.

I told him.

Cal playing at the dig.

And so I finally packed the kids up at 5:15 – got a pizza on the way down, and we sat and ate pizza in front of the museum before finally heading in just one hour before it closed.

It was late, but at least we made it!


Thank you Rick for coming to take our pictures in the hottest part of the day!

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